June 28, 2019 Tips
Pet SpayFor a responsible pet owner, nothing comes before the health and joy of an adorable pet. No matter, you own a dog or a cat, adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential to ensure a longer life. Getting your pet spayed or neutered is one of the best decisions you can take in favor of your little pet’s well being.

Though most pet owners know about the benefits of this surgery, others still believe in some completely false misconceptions. Here are some common

January 25, 2019 Tips

Cat Lentingo

LentingoLentigines (the fancy word for multiple lentigo freckles) usually start on your cat’s nose , lips and gums. The melanocytes started to produce additional pigment on his lips, even though it often starts as early as one year of age.

As your cat ages, the freckles become more widespread, often getting more numerous and larger on his lips and gums. You might even see freckles on the roof of your cat’s mouth. Freckles also spread to other parts of the body, including the nose, where you are most likely to notice them because

December 26, 2018 Tips
Heartworms can be a fatal disease if left untreated in dogs. These parasites are carried by mosquitoes and directly enter the bloodstream through the bites. The larvae can take months to grow so best way to maintain your dog’s health is by catching the following signs and symptoms. As soon as you see these signs, make sure you take the pet to your veterinarian to have tests run before it is too late.Here are some warning signs that your dog may be infected with heartworms.

  1. A soft, dry cough
    Heartworms directly infect the lungs and start multiplying there. Coughing can be the first sign that you would notice and may end with fainting. Even light exercise can cause

December 26, 2018 Tips
When it comes to improving your dog’s appearance and cleanliness, grooming is the right choice to opt for. It not only makes your dog look good but also helps maintain its physical health. Grooming can either be done on your own or by a professional groomer who is trained in dealing with dogs. To make sure your pet doesn’t misbehave during a grooming session, it is essential to train them while they are still a puppy. Grooming generally includes ear cleaning and nail clipping among many other procedures.Some benefits of getting your pet groomed by a veterinarian include:

  • Ear Cleaning
    Since dog ears are quite shallow and covered with ear flaps, pet owners often ignore cleaning them. No matter, which dog breed you own

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