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Pet GroomingPet grooming plays an essential role in keeping your furry friend healthy. Regular pet grooming develops your healthy relationship with your pets. At 4 Paws Pet Hospital, our pet grooming services in Bakersfield treat your pets with indulging services which will enhance their lifestyle. You will notice the physical change in a dog and cat as they’ll become more confident.

Adopting a pet and feeding regularly is not enough, every pet expects the grooming services from their owner.

Pet Grooming Benefits

  • Lowers The Stress Level: Like humans, your pets may also experience the stress. Grooming is an effective way to lower the stress level of pets and boost positive energy.
  • Health Benefit: It allows you to remove the dead skin and hair from you dog coat. It improves the air circulation to their skin. It is especially helpful in the summer season.
  • Improve Blood Flow: Grooming with brush increases the blood flow to pet’s hair follicles. It affects the overall health of your dog.
  • Prevent Health Issues: Regular pet grooming can prevent your pets from getting sick. It keeps your dog and cat away from getting infection.

Our Pet Grooming Services

Our pet groomers in Bakersfield, California are experienced and gentle to provide care to your pets.

Bathing: From bathing to hair conditioning, we use the pet grooming products that suit your pet’s sensitive skin such as the mild and gentle hypoallergenic shampoo for healthy skin.

Cleaning: We provide brushing, ear cleaning, paw care, sanitary cleaning, perfuming de-matting and much more to make your pet healthy.

At 4 Paws Pet Hospital, we offer safe and reasonable pet grooming services in Bakersfield. Our professional pet groomers not only clean-up your furry friend but also maintain its health.

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