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Wellness-ExamsOwning a pet is not all about having fun but is a huge responsibility. No matter, how good your pet is doing, it is crucial to schedule an annual wellness exam to identify the signs of an underlying condition. Since animals age faster than humans, they need to be taken extra care of.

4 Paws Pet Hospital is one of the leading veterinary clinics in Bakersfield, California offering a detailed annual wellness examination for dogs and cats. No matter, you have a puppy or an adult dog at home, get them examined physically by our veterinarians. These exams act as a preventative measure to discover the potential health concerns at an early stage and improve the chances of a successful treatment.

What Comprises A Veterinary Wellness Exam?

Whenever you bring your dog or cat at our animal hospital in Bakersfield, we’ll evaluate its overall health, stability and immunity to make sure it remains healthy for the coming months and even years. Our vet exam includes:

  • Asking about your pet’s health history.
  • Evaluating their age or weight or growth.
  • Checking for the early signs of diseases and infections.
  • Asking about any lifestyle, activity and eating changes.
  • Performing a thorough physical examination of your pet.
  • Examining the eyes for the cataract or glaucoma.
  • Checking the ears for infections or ear mites.
  • Asking you about any behavior or interaction changes.
  • Making dog food and other care product recommendations.
  • Informing you about the immunization schedule.

If you are looking for qualified veterinarians to schedule an annual veterinary exam in Bakersfield, look no further than us. Being your local vets, we strive to conduct an accurate wellness exam that covers all aspects of pet health. With a hygienic and friendly atmosphere, we make your pet feel at home along with giving him the care it needs.

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4 Paws Pet Hospital is a trusted veterinary care clinic in Bakersfield offering compassionate care and treatment to dogs and cats suffering from ill-health conditions. Visit us for pet wellness checkup and examination.

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